Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville offers one of the only combined middle school and high school equestrian training centers in California. Students starting in 6th grade and continuing on through high school may take horseback riding lessons run by Belmont Training Stable. Beginner through advanced riders are welcome, with special competition opportunities available to those riders with more experience. Thanks to Monte Vista Christian School’s extensive fleet of buses, students from San Jose, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Salinas, and Santa Cruz may take advantage of the wonderful equestrian program at this Bay Area school. Students who own their horses may also take part in the horse boarding program that Belmont Training Stable offers. One Monte Vista parent shares, “It’s so impressive to see the focus of the riders who are part of the equestrian program at MVC. They look professional, and most importantly, they look like they’re having fun!” An equestrian summer camp is also available at Monte Vista Christian School, which provides beginning experience for younger students, as well as leadership opportunities for older ones.